The purpose of a Poll is to discover prevailing attitudes by asking a statitically significant sample of the population their opinion on a certain topic.
For Example you can go to Fivethirtyeight to find out how Trump is tracking in approval ratings. Meanwhile in a CNN poll, nearly 7 in 10 Americans say the US response to the coronavirus outbreak makes them feel embarrassed.

So it is through Polling that we can discover what most of the people are thinking about different topics.

Our polls are focused on finding out how people are trying to resolve the pressing problems of the times we live in.

The most obvious candidate for examination is the Covid_19 Pandemic. How this  affects job prospects, economic activity, relaionships etc.

But since this the main focus of this pafe is on economic self sufficiency, we will also look at emerging trends. For example,  post Covid_19 there will be a slowing of globalisation and a trend to self sufficient cities. We know this because most of the people asked have expressed a desire for this to happen.

We think a currently important poll quesdtion is this:-

"Is Covid_19 a Unique Opportunity to Become An Internet entrepreneur"?